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A Timenoid is a "Clockwork Demon" or a "Clockwork Devil." A demon that looks humanoid on the outside, but has a clockwork inside, built up of cogs, bolts and gears. Although, this type of creature has still been know to feel human emotions, such as Love and Hate.
The Timenoid cried, for the woman he loved was not his.
She said she could not love a Clockwork Devil.
by Pendulums Promise August 30, 2007
A Timenoid is an immortal, gothic creature that often resides in castles, manors or mansions. They live a vampiric lifestyle, often either alone or with other Timenoids. Although generally peaceful creatures, they tend to dislike humans due to the flaws in human nature. ie; greed, disrespect, lust, etc. If a human and/or humans pose a threat to a Timenoid, the Timenoid will most certainly destroy them. They are peaceful by nature, but refuse to be threatened.

Although immortal, this only refers to natural death. A Timenoid can still be killed, although not quite as easily as a human due to them being able to regenerate themselves to an extent.

Timenoids are rumoured to have blue or black blood, which would explain the pale, sometimes pearl blue tint to their skin.

Timenoids are unable to have children, and so if they desire one, they tend to adopt human babies and convert them into Timenoids. The process of turning a human into a Timenoid is unknown, but rumoured to be a painful and terrifying experience. Due to this, humans who have requested this process have often been declined by Timenoids. Humans tend to hunger for immortality, and have often attacked Timenoids for not sharing their "gift".

Timenoids are able to levitate, using a hum of energy to keep them afloat.

Timenoids were once humans, and therefore look human despite their pale white/pearl blue tinted skin tone.
Jack: Who lives in that old mansion?

Jake: You don't wanna go exploring that place, homie. I heard the place is haunted by Timenoids.
by Herbert Wallace August 17, 2009
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