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1.) A city in the country of Mali, which is in Western Africa. Was once a major trade city and centre for Islamic religion in the 15th and 16th centuries. Mostly used nowadays as an expression, when people want to emphasise how isolated, inaccessible, far away or in the middle of nowhere a place is.

2.) A place that you didn't think actually existed, but it does.
Person 1: "You never come around to my house anymore."
Person 2: "Ho, that's because you live all the way out in Timbuktu."
Person 1: "That place doesn't even exist."
Person 2: "Does so."

*Person 1 goes to look it up*

Person 1: So it does!
by Lyosha May 11, 2009
1.) Slang for doing the nasty.
2.) Something we do after we thin gin and before we die soon.
We thin gin. We jazz june. We die soon.
by Lyosha May 25, 2009
Noun. Pronounced "R-I-P Bandwagon," although it's permissible to just say "Rip."

A phenomenon that occurs when a person, usually a teenager or young adult, kicks the bucket, and suddenly the amount of friends they have and/or people who ever gave a shit about them skyrockets and far exceeds the amount of friends they ever had when their heart was actually beating. Usually happens among middle school, high school or college crowds, but especially in high school due to the tendency of suicide with high schoolers, alcohol/drug related deaths and other similar reasons.

Activity that screams RIP Bandwagoning includes but is not limited to incidents of RIP Bandwagoners putting "RIP (Dead person's name)" on their MySpace display name or status message regardless of whether or not they actually knew said dead person, posting bulletins/passages in their "About Me" reminiscing the life of this person entitled "RIP" or something similar, and generally just participating in the grieving over the recent death even though the majority of the people mourning never actually knew the guy/girl in person. Many who have actually experienced a devastating loss know that real people in grieving tend to put the MySpace and social networking nonsense aside for awhile and keep to themselves or to close family and friends –– Not so the RIP Bandwagoner. Suddenly, talking to the dead person for five minutes two years ago at the Food Court in the local shopping mall has become a life-changing moment for the RIP Bandwagoner that they will apparently never forget, and the entire existing friendship between the dead person and the RIP Bandwagoner is chronicled in a MySpace comment for all to see that is so long it exceeds the character limit and spans an extra three comments. Although it should be remembered that half of these reflective events are just made up because the dead person is no longer around to verify the truth of such statements.

RIP Bandwagoners won't admit it to you, but they're really just trying to be a part of something because everyone else is, to "fit in" with what the crowd is doing more or less, hence the origin of the term. RIP Bandwagoners are all part of that ridiculous mindset today that "It's Cool To Be Tragic" even though they themselves have probably never experienced any real tragedy. Many RIP Bandwagoners don't consider that the true friends of the dead person know who that person associated with and who they didn't even know, and they are usually the ones who can best tell who is truly grieving and who is a RIP Bandwagoner. So the RIP Bandwagoners themselves tend to end up fooling... Well, nobody.

So take this advice: Don't be an RIP Bandwagoner. If you didn't know the person, IT'S OKAY TO BE SAD, but if you take it too far you'll almost certainly be pointed out as a Fraud sooner or later. You might not even know it when it happens –– it could just occur behind your back.

Long-story-short lesson learned: DON'T BE FAKE
Guy: Why does Kate have "RIP STEVE )))): I ALREADY MISS YOU SO MUCH <//3" written on her MySpace when she didn't even know Steve in the first place? How can she miss him if she didn't even know him?

Girl: I know. She wants to be a part of what everyone else is doing just to be cool. She's just jumping on the RIP Bandwagon if you ask me...
by Lyosha July 24, 2009
The way ghetto people pronounce "Wolves." Rhymes with "Hooves" when said in proper ebonics.
"Momma, I still want to eat Mac 'N' Cheese for breakfast!"
"Shut yo mouf, D'Quayshius, or I'ma feed you to the wooves."
by Lyosha September 06, 2009
Better than your average everyday thrift store, far more exciting than a nasty old roadside yard sale and with a selection ten times more vast than the Swap Shop -- It's not just any regular sale, it's a Leek Sale, and it's fabulous because it exists only in the world of Micro Type Pro. Among the many titillating things you can find at a Leek Sale, a few are:

a jak salad;
a sad dad;
a fir desk;
a dike;

At a Leek Sale you will also find a good deal of lads and lasses to ask. Don't ask me what you're supposed to ask them –– you can ask a sad dad that.

Worry not if you don't find a great deal at a Leek Sale, because all jaks fall. Just remember to read all fall ads and add a jak next time, and all should be well.
Key the following line at a brisk pace and strike ENTER:

she had a leek sale; she held a leek; a jak salad; all jaks fall; he had a fir desk; a dike; she has had hash; all sad dads fall; as a lad falls;

Person 1: That Leek Sale sucked. I didn't find anything I wanted.
Person 2: Don't worry. All lads fall. We'll have better luck next time –– let's stop at Ruby Tuesday's on the way home. I've got a hankering for a jak salad.
by Lyosha September 10, 2009
A sasstastic phrase used when one doesn't approve of something and strongly objects to it. Usually accompanied by a sassy face and a series of loud snaps in a "Z" formation. Also used to express surprise/disapproval at an offensive/unexpected statement/action made by another person.
Person 1: Ho, you best get out my way!
Person 2: UH UH GIRL. *snapsnapsnap*
Person 1: Oh no you di'int!

*fight ensues with lots of weave yanking and fingernail scratching*
by Lyosha September 12, 2009
An absolute overload of TMI, also known as Too Much Information, sometimes coming from one person but usually from two or more. Generally what is known as ordinary TMI develops into a TMI Fest when the victim of Too Much Information is forced to be in close quarters or within earshot of those who are sharing things that, really, you could have lived without knowing about. An example of such a place would be a bus (or any form of public transportation), a lunch table, a noisy classroom, etc. There is no way to get away from the excessive amount of inappropriate and disturbing statements coming at them from all directions, and so they become bombarded with TMI as a result.
Person 1: I had the worst bus ride today... The girl behind me started talking to her friend about her horrendous PMS. Then the Stinky Scene kids sitting in the seats around me all started discussing drug use and their frequent made-up sexual encounters with one another.

Person 2: Ouch. Glad to see you pulled through that.
Person 1: I'm surprised I did. It was a regular TMI Fest.
by Lyosha September 11, 2009

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