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Probably the biggest waste of flesh in the world. Anyone with the name of Timberlie will be fat, ugly as can be, lazy beyond belief, and a mooch, and user of everyone! Timberlies are hateful people, love to spend everyone elses money, and cheat on their husbands! Avoid all Timberlies in life, they will destroy you! One look and you will die from the sheer ugliness they possess!
You are such a Timberlie, go get a face lift!
by hateru October 19, 2010

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cheater fat ugly
Person of total fatness, usually has ugly red hair. This person is hugely lazy and uses people. Not to mention this person is ugly as all hell and is basically a waste of fresh air for everyone else.
You are such a Timberlie
by carer or life May 04, 2010