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Real Nigga Shit
I smacked him with a Teddy Williams' baseball bat like the Bear Jew. It was RNS.
by The Santoro June 23, 2010
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Stands for Real Nigga Shit. A phrase used when someone wants to add emphasis to the fact that the thing they just said was, indeed, true. It is a phrase or sentence someone says that is so true it deserves to have "Real Nigga Shit" at the end of it.
Aye man if you come in my face like that again I'm knocking yo ass out, Real Nigga shit(RNS)!
by BossShit101 March 19, 2011
Real Nigga shit, often used when talking about people possibly on kik facebook came from word Bitch nigga
Girl:Dude she look so ratchet

Girl:Real Nigga Shit Or Rns
by LauraDoee June 03, 2014
Real Nigga Shit, the most angry sounding rap music to get you pumped!
Me: "I'm so pumped for this race!"
Friend: "You listening to your rns rn?"
Me: "Of course, I got my ludacris game on!"
by hornyforpussy69 September 02, 2014
Rich Nigga Shit.
"Hey man did u see that new Dyson fan?"

"Yea, that's some RNS!"
by DAGATOR1 October 21, 2009
Random Nigga Shit
a"damn homie that nigga's shootin again"
b"yea dats some fucked up RNS rite here"
by JoE March 30, 2003
Retarded Nose Syndrome. If one has a chronically runny nose from a long-lasting illness, or just unlucky enough to have abnormally runny nose genes, they are said to have RNS. Also sometimes known as Runny Nose Syndrome, for those easily offended.
Heather: Why do you have such a huge pile of nasty tissues by your desk?
Me: I have an acute case of RNS, once it starts it takes hours to die down!
Heather: Real nice.
by David J. Hansen April 26, 2009

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