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Awesome director with a minor touch of insanity, among other things. Originally started working at Disney, on the animation team for The Fox and the Hound. Has since went on to direct movies such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Mars Attacks!, as well as two shorts. Also has a freakish relationship with Danny Elfman.
Tim Burton's movies are incredible!
by Pip August 28, 2004
The man who makes magic completely fill you up, and when you watch any of his films you never want to return to reality. He takes risks, dares to be different, makes us laugh and at the same time makes us fill with sadness, sympathy and every other emotion known to us. He can relate to everyone and he manages to always tickle that spot deep down in you that makes you think, not everyone can do this. He is undoubtadly a King.
you'll get hooked so easily, but you dont mind

Tim Burton is the ultimate dream maker
#tim burton #edward scissorhands #the nightmare before christmas #emotions #addictive
by this is bat country October 05, 2006
undoubtedly the best director there ever has been and ever will be. his films are the coolest
isnt it great that tim burtons directing charlie and the chocolate factory?
by holliver twist April 01, 2004
An ok director who displays some turd-like characteristics. As can be seen in his craptacular remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Tim Burton has made a large selection of shitty movies along with a couple of good ones.
#burton #tim #animator #director #turd
by Jack Milk January 20, 2006
Mind rapist.
Mind Rape Victim: ...

Friend 1: Whats wrong with Dave?

Friend 2: He... He just saw Alice in Wonderland.

Friend 1: So?

Friend 2: ...The new one...

Friend 1: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!! Why Tim Burton?!?!?!!? Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?!??!
#tim burton #robert rodriguez #liberals #trey parker #hippes(most)
by KingShady April 03, 2010
A largely overrated director who has made at least 100 movies, but only 5 good ones.
Faggy goth kids fap to Tim Burton movies constantly.
#overrated #goth kids #shit #fail #suck
by SanctusMilitus August 03, 2008
1) an inspiration to many who aspire to be directors. He makes many think "Holy shit! I could make a way better movie than this guy!"

2) The act of making a shitty movie with an overrated actor who is liked by a bunch of confused 14 year-olds.

3) A sellout who is only popular in "Hot-Topic" culture.
A:Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
B:The one with Gene Wilder?
A:No, the one directed by Tim Burton, you know, the one where Johnny Depp looks like Michael Jacson.
B: Fuck that, man! I'd rather give up my left testicle than waste $7 and 2 horus of my life to see that movie.
A: Yeah, I think that Hellen Keller could've made a better movie than him.

2) Hey Johnny, It's Tim. I'm going to make a movie about a bunch of stupid ass characters made out of clay.
Tim, that ship has sailed. Can we do a pirate movie together?
No, not until you give me anal again.
Okay. Gimme the script.

3) Confused Goth Girl: OMFG!!!! I love Tim Buron so much. I practically worship Johnny Depp! I would give my soul to see him and I want to have his babies. I am confused about my sexuality, but I know I love Johnny Depp!
#gay #sellout #no talent #johnny depp #tim burton #bad movies #homoerotica
by Joiter February 28, 2008
Tim Burton what can I say for some people Kurt Cobain is god this is my God he is the best director of all time he has just amazing talent all the movies I have ever seen that he directed there was no sex at all that is great. He is know for Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlguice. I just love him!!!
by Kelly August 04, 2004
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