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1. To be purely original at something.
2. The act of doing something that no one else has done.
1. Oh my fucking god, Pulp Fiction was awesome!

I know!

Damn! Quentin Tarrantino is so shalluf at directing!

2. Did you hear that song John made up in chemistry?

Yeah, that was way shallufy on his part.

3. Dude!


I just totally shallufed up this joke!

Let me here it.

Damn, I lost it.
by KingShady April 03, 2010
1. To rape someones mind.
2. Forcefully showing someone disturbing images, videos, or words.
3. Talking someone into doing something, that consists of crimes against humanity.
1. Berkeley
2. Any movie that was directed by Tim Burton
3. The number "23"
4. Being approached by a crazy person or hobo, that keeps babbling on about random shit, is most likely a mind-rapist (avoid those people)
5. Cultists or satanists (a.k.a. Scientology)
6. Gays
7. Friends of gays
8. Jerry Seinfeld. He will steal and rape your innocence of laughing, and comedy, and all that is right in the free-world, him and his partner (butt-buddy) Tim Burton. Don't let them near you or your children, especially your children!
by KingShady April 06, 2010
Mind rapist.
Mind Rape Victim: ...

Friend 1: Whats wrong with Dave?

Friend 2: He... He just saw Alice in Wonderland.

Friend 1: So?

Friend 2: ...The new one...

Friend 1: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!! Why Tim Burton?!?!?!!? Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?!??!
by KingShady April 03, 2010
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