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Function: Noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; the son of God

1.) capitalized: the supreme or ultimate reality: as a : a Being perfect in power, wisdom, and attractiveness who is worshiped as creator and ruler of the universe and laws of inertia.

2.) a spindly, hedonistic male of the ultimate offense: as a : one who follows Hitler and his societal codes.
A young, pubescent male was glancing admiringly in Tim Nelms direction; nodding knowingly, he proceeded into the restroom. Having emerged an hour later, the young man limping, I glared upon fixedly as Tim Nelms muttered several kind, gentle words to the boy; the boy, his being restored, refrained from limping and continued to his next class, rubbing his behind softly.
by A Fascist April 16, 2005
One who has both masculine and feminine features, yet is still seen as attractive by one or more sex.
Perfect rack. Perfect balls. Perfect Tim Nelms.
by Jesus Hitler Christ March 16, 2004
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