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One of the most beautiful places in British Columbia, and even Canada. A popular tourist destination. Tourism flourishes in this small but booming city. However, the majority of the permanent(and thus, voting)population is old and extremely conservative, and as such are mainly concerned with their own wellbeing and not with what will benefit the town as a whole. Home to a few good bars and clubs in town, great parties, lovely wilderness and parks, 2 lakes, and overall great people to be around. The only of the 3 main cities in the Okanagan that has not yet completely succumbed to urban sprawl. Penticton and it's suburbs are in the area known as "Wine Country". The population is approximately 35 000 people, while the Greater Penticton area is home to around 80 000.
Person 1: Hey! Let's go to Penticton!
Person 2: Yeah, they elected Stockwell Day. Let's go torch their houses and burn their gardens!
by Daily_vitamin June 21, 2006

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