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a dick that is between one cenimeter and 3 inches long
I was with this guy last night and he had a great body but he had Tick Dick
by JDL32895 July 13, 2008
This is where the tick has bitten your dick with a strengthening hold and will not let go.
Guy 1: Dude, did you hear what happened to Brad last weekend?

Guy 2: Yeah man I heard he was in the ER

Guy 1: Yep, he got a tickdick when he was out in the woods.
by Bulkm4n November 16, 2009
Guy whose dick swells due to the bite of a tick. Dick usually appears angry for 3 weeks.
Jeff went camping and all he came back with was tick dick. Now its the size of a pepperoni.
by D.D.T. May 06, 2006
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