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An absolutely beautiful girl who is the best friend you could ever have.

Says "That's what she said" all the time.
Is her name Tiare?
by faholo July 14, 2010
Tahitian Gardenia found all throughout Polynesia.
Pass me a tiare, Tiare!
by . March 17, 2005
The most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman to ever inhabit the Denver metro area. If you ever come across her, you'll surely fall in love... shitloads.
I love you, Tiare... shitloads.
by HeLovesHer February 03, 2010
A girl with exceptionally dark skin, usually found in the Hawaiian Islands. A Tiare is normally skinnier than a toothpick. Her dark skin can be attributed to her Puerto Rican and Filipino backgrounds.
Did you see that girl? She looks just like a Tiare!
by Jennifer Simpleton July 04, 2009

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