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Is the perfect match for a samantha.
They are perfect together.
They never fight,argue,always agree.
In love since they first meet.
Will have that Happily ever after together!
tiara and samantha the most perfect couple ever!!
by willnevertakeachanceagain August 31, 2008
The act of deliberately withdrawing the penis from a partner's mouth during oral sex and then shooting the sperm over the partner's forehead and into the hair, leaving a chain of cum droplets like the jewels in a tiara.
William pulled out at the last second and blew his wad right across the top of Jane's head, giving her a tiara that would take quite a bit of shampoo to wash out.
by moussse November 26, 2008
Slang, in child pornography, for the vagina of a pre-pubescent girl.
He sweat, as he looked around the 2nd grade classroom, thinking about all the tiaras around the room.
by gandolf256 March 30, 2011
Something stink or nasty, no clean.
Damn whats that smell? Must be a tiara.
by domdom234 January 11, 2012
a person looking somewhat people would relate to a lizard, or maybe even in some ways a dinosaurs. a dumb bitch. overly confident in one's self-

silly silly hoe...
Tiara M.
by loverrrrrsss May 18, 2009