A really amazing person who i am glad that came into my life, she is so beautiful and means the world to me, her eyes are so beautiful it's unbelievable and she is just so beautiful.
That Tia means so much to me
by tom98999 March 09, 2011
This Is Africa
What happens in Africa
Solomon: My son was killed by the Rebels
Safo: TIA, everyone dies everyday
by Charlie603 March 03, 2007
a perfect, flawless, godly, unbelievable human being that everyone loves. Why? Because its a natural effect that person has. They are beautiful, smart, tall, and fun to be around. She gets straight A's because shes a boss. everything about her is perfect and everything around her loves her even if its a chair.
-Wow look theres Tia!
-I know she's so perfect!
-I love her so much!
by Nicole aka tias bffl November 22, 2012
The most beautiful girl ever.
The girl that will always have my heart.
She is a best friend.
I would cross the sea for Tia.
I will protect her until my dying day.
Tia, she is not only cool, but creative, amazing,
beautiful and hot.

I love you Tia
The girl you have a long past with would be a Tia.

The girl who will be successful and happy no matter what, is a Tia.

The girl that deserves only the best.

A girl who kicks ass!
by TreeShadowLightReflect February 14, 2013
A cute,silly girl who who has a great personality.She is so loveable and would anything for anyone. She is very modest and has a beautiful face and a beautiful figure.
Girl 1: "Wow Tia is so beautiful"
Girl 2: "I know, you can't help but love her though"
by 851 March 16, 2013
hotty sexy lady that all guys want
i love my tia ......... she's so tia
by tia December 11, 2004
Tia is a gorgeous amazing girl always looking out for friends even people she doesn't know, she can be shy but she's confident and smart independent but she doesn't like being disrespected she hates people who think to much of themselves

We love Tia
Omg, that girl what's her name? She most be a Tia!
by smellyberry May 10, 2014

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