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Thuyvi is a defective Asian that loves to woo people. She has a sparkly personality that makes her a distinct gal. She enjoys chatting people up, and sharing awesome but corny jokes. She can be flirty at times, but sometimes she is just being nice. Do not confuse her kindness with flirting. She will always go against you in an argument to show you another point of view. However, she has a genuine personality. She can be too generous at times and often she questions why she does the things she does. With conflict she becomes indecisive and cannot choose something without regretting it in some way or another. Overall, she is a fun, loving, and outgoing friend! There is no one quite like her!
Liliana, Christina, and many more are truly fortunate to have a friend like Thuyvi!
by FloorsVeyetwoeyeChrustTIEnah October 16, 2013
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