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A word with no definite meaning. It is considered insulting.
You're such a Thung!" "What does that mean?" "Nothing. Which is exactly what you are.
by KnuBun May 24, 2011
adj, A smart or nerdy person that can not hold his or her alcohol. 2 a nerd that has drank to much alcohol and is now hung over
"Hey dude look that thung just fell down the stairs."
by Bethers y Austin January 27, 2010
1. The sound heard when one walks into a metal pole.

2. The past term for 'thing', that being a thong which a thuperb thinger things thplendidly.

3. The sound of a REALLY well thrown dart hitting the bullseye.

"Thaaat's the boooolz-high!"
by Neil Baxter October 11, 2005
Thugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short, but others are hung. THUG + HUNG = THUNG
Pooky: Girl, I wanna real thug, not this shorty. Nah'meen?

Skittles: He ain't no thug, sheeeeeeet. My man, now, he's workin', girl. i got more danna thug, he's thung, girl.

Pooky: Okay? I wish ol' shorty was thung.
by efram skeebo June 16, 2010
Undergarment (leopard print for true purists) worn by men whose abdomens obscure their view of the floor.
My wife Lila threatened to file for divorce when she found me cavorting in the Thundra wearing only a thung.
by Dixie69 November 15, 2006
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