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A drinking game in which a group of people listen to the song "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC and take turns chugging alcohol (usually beer) in between instances of the lyrics "Thunder" which appears a total of 33 times in the song.
Let's get a group of people together and get trashed playing Thunderdrunk.
by TimmyGUNZ December 10, 2011
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1: To be a Gnarly fuckbag lush-bucket maniac boozer from the Northwest
2: This person will rip yer face off and fuck your eye socket and then sodomize your sister, then afterwards piss all over her face
3: Fucked in the head, don't give a fuck attitude, will bring a knife to a gun fight and win, then drink you under the table while gaining wizard master status
4: To be a hog huntin, garbage can shitin, big jim killin, surfer for the ugly broad
"Fuck You Thats Why.... Im a ThunderDrunk!"
by FingaBang May 10, 2010
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massive imbibing of liquor combined with boisterous thunderous yammering of nonsense and questionable decision-making.
"Sorry that my friend beat you senseless with a bicycle, bro. He was thunderdrunk."

"Of course, he didn't wear a condom. He was uber thunderdrunk."

"That kid was zooted and thunderdrunk. I've never seen anybody take down sunday rails like that before."
by ThunderDrunk October 21, 2011
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