Someone who leaves your innards feeling abused. A guy who is often portrayed as a douchebag but rarely is one. A hot guy who is great in bed.
Guy 1: I was talking to Annie yesterday, she said she hadn't been able to walk, and was feel like crap

Guy 2: lol, apparently im a Thunder Pounder and i didn't even know it haha
by Derkalurk March 02, 2011
Top Definition
Man who's got the rod and the bod, makes your insides feel abused after getting fucked, someone you have wet dreams about, a DEREK. Usually signified by loud flapping of the ballsack and thuderous noise,
Aww man i just slept with derek last night my asshole hurts

Yea i hear hes a real thunderpounder, did he rip ur asshole open this time?

(kids outside a classroom)HOLY CRAP i think Ms. Shields is getting thunderpounded, shes screaming likea hor and there is a loud flapping going on
by DKMILLER36 March 09, 2010

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