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A person constantly stealing one's "thunder."

Someone who takes something (like trends or expressions you began - to grabbing the attention) away from you.
Edward stole my expression. He's such a thunder thief.
by Little Lightning July 05, 2009
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When someone tries stealing your thunder when you are excitedly taking praise for something.

When someone tries to always outshine you.
Example 1:

I climbed mount everest without mount picks or a jacket. What am amazing feat for me!

Thunder Thief would say to everyone "Oh yeh, i did it without shoes, food or oxygen!"

Example 2:

You would say something like this to a group of your friends "I made the best cookies today."

Thunder Thief would say "Whatever they were total garbage. They were crusty and gross."

Reply: You are such a Thunder Thief.
by Kerjner 1 December 18, 2010
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someone who as soon as they see that you are about to show your skill or intelligence in any way, shape, or form, takes over before you do to show theirs, so that everyone will "see" how much "better" they are
"Dude, is that Taylor using Keith's board to do a 360 in the foyer just so Carrie can see?"
"Ha! Yeah, that punk is such a thunderthief."
"Total showgart."
by choirgirl August 13, 2008
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