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When using T9 in a text message, and the wrong word is accidentally sent to someone. It's usually not an issue, unless the wrong word still has applicable meaning in the context of the conversation.

Not to be confused with Slip of the thumbs.
Used in the context of a text message conversation:

Adam: "Hey, where are you?"
Eve: "I'm gone."
Adam: "Gone where?"
Eve: "Sorry, my phone got Thumb-Tied. I'm *home*. ^^"
by Chaz Walker September 18, 2007
In texting the inability to be witty, clever (or even coherent) when it's important to make a favorable impression.
She: Huh? Wht a dorky comment.
He: Uh, sorry, I get all thumb-tied when having text with a new girl--nervous, can't think of what to say uh do you like dogs?
She: Chill. Take a Beta blocker. SYL. Not! dork.
by Richmond RichardHof February 24, 2009