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An undecipherable language used by "thugs" to communicate with each other. An evolved form of text-speak and pingu, thuglish has been linked to disorders such as: wannaberapperitis, whiteboywannabeblackis, and a low IQ.
Person: "Look out here comes a thug!"
Thug: "Wot dfaq e dis? gt sessy 2 m9. we's'll mesk cunts urp!"
*translation: What the fuck is this? You wanna mess with me mate? We is gonna mess some cunts up!
Person: "Oh god please no!!!"
Person 2: "Was that thuglish?"
#thugaliscious #pingu #text-speak #undecipherable #wot #m9
by baumaki September 17, 2015
The use of misspelled words, punctuation, acronyms, and slang in texting, emails, or any other form of the written language.
After reading her text "Its nice 2 know some1 suppose be my friend but yet u never talk me then block me off facebook 4 no reason." I can't understand her thuglish.

An example of Thuglish writing is "Chillin around da house wit da best..lovin my life"
#slang #sexting #capping #thug speak #internet slang #chat abbreviations
by The Dental Doc August 12, 2012
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