What u feed us as seed grows and then blows up in your face, that's thuglife

- By Tupac Shakur, Rest In Peace
The hate gave a lil'infant grows inside of that infant and at the end he will repay u with any criminal action
by Robs #1 April 20, 2004
The belief that what ever damage I may do to others is OK because others have damaged me. I want what I want now and I don't care what I have to do to get it, or who I damage or destroy in the process. I feel no remorse, and regard conscience as a sign of weakness. I don't consider the future because I know I have none. When I die I will leave behind little copies of myself who will have to struggle with the thug lifestyle I've left behind. I will be morned by none and forgotten by all, because it was easier to be a thug than a husband and a father.
You can wrap thug life in all the bullshit you want, it's still the way of the loser. Wiggers can play thug life and go home to mommy and daddy when they get tired of it. Where will your kids go when the thug lifestyle gets tired of you?
by benthrer March 26, 2008
stands for The Hatred u Give Little Infants f*~k everyone
doesn't need 1 its a direct quote
by Gaz February 11, 2005
THUG LIFE stands for
"The Hate u gave little infants fucks everybody.." by 2pac shakur.....
Only this is the original definition of THUG LIFE
Its Thug Life, niggaz screaming fuck it....by 2pac shakur
by Amaru kahlon May 06, 2008
What is Thug Life? How about hearing it from a real Thug Rapper from DC living hell day by day? NOT BEING SCARED TO DIE! Knowing death is a part of life. Speaking your lifestory and living your life on your sleeve. People who are innocent and get abused by the police? Consider yourself Thugged out. Your a smart ass to cops because you know you can be. You always take the beating because your slightly suicidal in the first place. Show people there is no shame in living with your mom. She gave you life. Smoke weed with Mom. There is no shame is making change either. There is also a lot of Black Humor involved with who Tupac was as a person. Otherwise known as "Black Comedy". Observational humor. Comparing your greatness to their weakness. Some times crackin' a joke can influence the whole outcome of a court hearing. I'm fixin' to do it May 31st 2013. THUG LIFE misnomer: You have to be black and from the "west side". I'm a White Italian being abused by cops in VA. This emotion; This unwillingness to die without getting your words across is the centerfold of what a Thug really is. Having a near death experience and waking up in the hospital bed like: "My God!". Don't leave the earth without leaving a mark. It's only a gift if you give it to someone. Use your Third Eye. Don't let someone fabricate the term THUG LIFE for you. You will find out soon enough. All you wannabes out there...Until you understand that NO ONE understands you...you will NEVER understand.
Urban Dictionary becomes defamed...or they accept my definition of "THUG LIFE". Decide now. I'm takin' out Bad Boy Records you wanna ride with em?
by L DA VICE May 25, 2013
A phrase from the great Tupac amaru shakur A.K.A 2pac.
though many people might have heard about T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E, few actually know its true meaning. T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E stands for
The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody, with other words, You reap what you sow








T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E baby!
by Thugie November 09, 2009
A group formed by the late tupac shakur and a code that showed they aren't all just criminals, they believe in something that was worthy to believe in.


Tupac: anyone with thug life tatooed on their stomach is GUILTY
by bigg alex February 06, 2006
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