A term used by mid to high income jr high and high school kids to describe how they feel as though they are helpless vistems of society.

They are often seen taking selfies of themselves and uploading them to social media with the hashtag, "livingthethuglife". They will be wearing clothing that was purchased for them by their parents that is large enough for a person 300lbs heavier then themselves.
"Living the thug life" -tweet from 15 year old from his new iPhone.
by R9768472 October 06, 2013
Used to describe the day to day shenanigans of small and chubby white Scottish boys.
(A) "Yo G Cameron McAloon just sprayed Sprite all over that chump David and his bottom bitch Sheridan!"

(C) "Shit dawg, that trill as motherfucker just living the Thug Life!!!"
by Cameron McAloon January 21, 2015
is a Thug
"See that cunt over there, THUGLIFE.
by JessicaMathews123 February 24, 2015
the act of eating Swedish meatballs your grandmother made.
I'm living the thug life after grandma dropped off those Swedish meatballs
by Smiff11 July 23, 2013
A group formed by the late tupac shakur and a code that showed they aren't all just criminals, they believe in something that was worthy to believe in.


Tupac: anyone with thug life tatooed on their stomach is GUILTY
by bigg alex February 06, 2006
What you say before you are about to do something stupid and dangerous.
Person 1: "Hey man should I bust that illegal U turn next to the police station."

Person 2: "Yea fuck it dude Thug Life"
by thuggin87 September 16, 2010
Being so lame it's hip bitches
Sally: it's 10pm and I'm awake!
Matt:Thug life!
by Sparklebreakers February 03, 2013

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