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fucked up
if you drink a bottle of everclear, yo ass gon be throwed, then you gon be a dead azz muthafucka fool
by fartsniffer May 25, 2002
469 222
1.) to go hard; tight 2.) to be attractive; sexy 3.) to be and/ or look fly. It can be used to discribe a noun. (person, place or thing)
That new song by Mike Jones is throwed. I can't wait to see the video.

I don't know why Bow Wow thinks his lil' girlfriend is so throwed. She ain't all that.

Them new Air Force One's that just came out are throwed. I'm goin' to get them next week.
by Italy Jones September 23, 2005
21 60
1. Straight CRUNKED.

2. When you are crazy bout someone and they are constantly on your mind.
#2 example:
Man, that boy's got me throwed!
by MosDef February 24, 2005
23 65
ugly , dirty, messed up clothes ,dirty shoes,Payless shoes,Wal-Mart clothes
Abi:Girl you seen dirty Robert today?

Danielle:Hell yeah he so throwed!!
by BlackBarbie April 19, 2006
16 67