fucked up
if you drink a bottle of everclear, yo ass gon be throwed, then you gon be a dead azz muthafucka fool
by fartsniffer May 25, 2002
Top Definition
Houston slang, for being wasted, high, or both.
I got throwed at the club last night.
by L- Frame October 10, 2003
1.be in state that is not sober
2.another word for cool, tight,or any other word like that.
Man them twankies twos looke throwed on that Burban.
3.another word meaning fucked up, not good, etc.
Man them high waters look throwed with those J's
by km January 27, 2003
1.)To become drunk,gone,high,fucked up on some type of drug.

2.)also means to be hot,tight,nice,new,fresh...or throwed

this word originated in the great state of texas and is now regulated its self through out the united states.Came from the word throw refering to gone,far out,or away from...
EX)im throwed off that purple...or another on is that shirt is throwd

EX)nigga is throwed...we need to go
by king curry September 30, 2006
a slang word originated from houston texas meaning you're messed up on something.
when you've done something well
that syrup got me throwed.
"im so throwed in tha game southside playas screwed up click mayne"

damn that was pretty throwed
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
Adj. someone who is so drunk they're incoherent. Typically someone between 16-21; used at parties.
"Dude, you drank so much last night!"
"Yeah, you were totally throwed."
by Sam6 March 08, 2013
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