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2 definitions by Sam6

A sexually transmitted disease that only your vet can cure. Often contracted on long fun filled and drunken vacations. Often confused with the type of worm that crawls up a mans penis while he is swimming, but infact it is a totally seperate type of parisite. Early warning signs include all of the symptoms of herpes and gonnarea while at the same time feeling nauseated because you have ringworm.
Susie: "Oh no, i went on that cruise and I think I caught herpagonnaringworm!"
Sally: "dont worry my cat had that last month, the vet will just give you a pill, then you will shit and vomit until all the herpagonna-ringworms are gone."
Susie: "phew, I guess herpagonnaringworm DOES work for me!"
by sam6 February 17, 2011
Adj. someone who is so drunk they're incoherent. Typically someone between 16-21; used at parties.
"Dude, you drank so much last night!"
"Yeah, you were totally throwed."
by Sam6 March 08, 2013