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Correct term: To be high off a combonation of painkillers(codiene,oxy contin, percocet, morphine) and weed or/ alcohol, but can be used to say somethin is cool, or tight. Comes from Houston.
Maynne these oxy contins got me right throwed.
by diamondsnmahmouth May 20, 2008
not the true birthplace of crunk music (look up memphis) nice city and some real ass hoods but the main reason hip hop is dead. dont get me wrong, T.I. and Young Jeezys older works are true classics, but cmon, soulja boy, shop boys and lil jon, that aint fuckin music
Mane, Atlanta sure is hood, and is the cultural and ecomnic capital of the south, but dey rappers sure ruined the fuck outta hip hop.
by diamondsnmahmouth May 18, 2008

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