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1) The symbolic act of throwing a shoe at somebody, as a sign of deep loathing and disgust. It is considered to be an extreme act within middle eastern culture.

2) (In internet forums): An expression used to tell n00bs to GTFO, when the expression "GTFO n00b" just doesn't cut it. - used when witnessing epic fail.

1) George w. Bush (at his last press conference in Iraq): "Shokran jeddan" (Arabic) (Translation: Thank you very much)

-Iraqi reporter: ARGHHHHH! I'm gonna throw a shoe at your face!

2) n00b (in atheist forums): ur all going to hell you godless heathens! if you were not atheists god might let you get into heaven!
Appropriate Response: I'll throw a shoe at you, fuckwit!
by AtheistGuy December 15, 2008
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Example 1
Steve: What is taking Cecil so long in the bathroom?
Bill: He said he had to throw a shoe.

Example 2
"I ate 3 plates of spaghetti for dinner and now I need to throw a shoe."

by Turtletaub February 17, 2009

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