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Pussy, Plate of food, and a Place to stay. The only things a man really needs. Usually a stupid lonely woman can provide these things at her own expense.
Lonely Woman: "It's alright. He'll get a job soon. I'm just helping him out until his consulting business gets off the ground."

Savvy Friend: "Don't even kid yourself, girl. All he wants is the Three P's"
by Cor-dog April 03, 2009
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1. The word "Three-P" takes the act of DP one step further.

2. The act of two males simultaneously penetrating a female in different places (mouth/pussy/ass) is called "DP". "Three-P" pushes it to the next level by adding a third male to the group and this male's duty is to fill the third and final hole. If said male fails this duty, immediate loss of masculinity may result.

3. Three-P is when two dudes are fucking a bitch in two different holes at the same time and then another guy randomly appears and sticks his dick in the open hole.
1. Guy One: "Dude, you and Kyle DPed Nicky last night?"

Guy Two: "Naww bro.. we "Three-Peed" her. It started as a doublefuck but her roommate woke up and challenged us to make it a triple."

2. (while smoking weed and ordering pizza)

Lauren: "I wonder if the guys who deliver pizza in real life sometimes actually fuck their customers."

Josh: "It'd have to be some kind of perfect moment, but probably."

Derek: "I so would."

Josh: "Then let's just all fuck and when he gets here, see what he says."

Derek: "What dude? Like see if he wants to join the DP?"

Lauren: "It wouldn't be DP then.. it'd be "Three-P". Right?"
by raunchysarcasm November 13, 2010
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dried cow placenta; afterbirth. dogs like to eat threep.
My dog's breath smells horrible after he chewed on that piece of threep.
by oneoldgeezer August 25, 2007
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