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Pussy, Plate of food, and a Place to stay. The only things a man really needs. Usually a stupid lonely woman can provide these things at her own expense.
Lonely Woman: "It's alright. He'll get a job soon. I'm just helping him out until his consulting business gets off the ground."

Savvy Friend: "Don't even kid yourself, girl. All he wants is the Three P's"
by Cor-dog April 03, 2009
Something made of only the smoothest, softest leather, like that of a weiner
I Love the way this couch feels; it's just like weiner-chamois.
by Cor-dog March 21, 2008
In the state of having a wicked hangover
Damn, son; that party was awesome. I'm funky fresh this morning, though.
by Cor-dog March 13, 2008

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