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One of the greatest bands ever. Currently has 7 singles: I Hate Everything About You, Just Like You, Home, Animal I Have Become, Pain, Never Too Late, Riot, Break, and The Good Life. Currently signed with Jive Records. Their album One-X may sound slightly emo-ish, but Adam Gontier was going through a rough time when that album was written, so to all you tasteless TDG haters out there, BACK OFF! Has the very attractive Adam Gontier as the lead singer. Great music and meaningful lyrics are only the beginning of this amazing band's qualities.
1 thing
2 say
3 Days Grace
-Commonly found comment on Three Days Grace videos on Youtube
by bbtdgfan123 June 20, 2010
1) A band that's been lickin' Miley Cyruses, Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber's asses since 2003, before anyone gave a crap about any of those gay stars.

2) A Canadian rock band from Ontario, CA formed of Adam Gontier, Barry Stock, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst.
Three Days Grace; best band ever, hands down.
by I-have-a-taste-in-music May 10, 2010
One of the best bands ever, the best thing in Canada.

Though (Trust me, I'm a huge fan), they're songs are a bit repetitive. If they are to work on that, then they can become so much bigger and popular.
1 Thing
2 Say
3 Days Grace
4 Ever!

Overused comment on about all Three Days Grace videos.
by Sleepyyawn July 18, 2011
Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band, formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1992, under the name Groundswell. After a breakup in 1995, the band reformed in 1997 under its current name and with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band's lead guitarist. After signing to Jive Records, Three Days Grace released two studio albums, Three Days Grace in 2003 and One-X in 2006, both of which have been certified platinum and double platinum in the United States and Canada, respectively. In 2007, the band was declared number one rock artist of the year by Billboard and was the number four artist in airplay in Canada that same year. The band's third album, Life Starts Now, was released on September 22, 2009
They are currently the greatest band in existance which sing honest songs about life. They are capable of wallowing in the sweet meloncholy of life while never giving up. They sing about the hope that things will always get better. A lot of people who listen to metal and hard rock music really need to hear that but most metal bands aren't sending that message. They preach that yes, life sucks a lot. Yes, things in life will always go wrong. But things can also get better if you dont give up. The vocals are perfect, the bass in incredible, and the drums and rhythmic. They flow together in perfect harmony.
1.) Animal I Have Become (From the album, One X)

They sing about how they feel like they aren't even human anymore and they need someones help to pull them out of the darkness. INCREDIBLE BASS.

2.) Break (From the album, Life Starts Now)

When you feel like your life could be much better, rise above the average-ness of the people around you and make it so-- be better.

3.) Pain (From the album, One X)

This was written when the band was becoming popular. As most people know, popular rock bands often turn to drugs when things get rough because it's there but this is their declaration that they would rather suffer the missery than feel nothing at all.

4.) Lost In You (From the album, Life Starts Now)

A Beautiful balad for their love.

5.) Never Too Late (From the album, One X)

A song about how they feel like giving up on life, but it's never too late to fix it and make it better.
by HappiToBe January 05, 2010
A time period of three days given to a person to do something,

an alternative rock band known for being the only Canadians with any musical talent whatsoever, with the ability to create original music, and without the use of heavy power chords *ahem* Nickelback.
A: Canadian music is SH*T, man.

B: I know right! Apart from Three Days Grace...

A: True dat.
by MadCreator September 25, 2011
A good band, with great potential, although their songs tend to be repetive. Yeah....
Every room we kept awake
By every silent scream we make....
by Raven January 17, 2005
A band that has only one good album and sold out into mainstream Emos after that.

See: whiny.
Have you heard of Three Days Grace?
Yeah, aren't they that whiny Emo band?
by Nar-wal June 02, 2010