Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band, formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1992, under the name Groundswell. After a breakup in 1995, the band reformed in 1997 under its current name and with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band's lead guitarist. After signing to Jive Records, Three Days Grace released two studio albums, Three Days Grace in 2003 and One-X in 2006, both of which have been certified platinum and double platinum in the United States and Canada, respectively. In 2007, the band was declared number one rock artist of the year by Billboard and was the number four artist in airplay in Canada that same year. The band's third album, Life Starts Now, was released on September 22, 2009
They are currently the greatest band in existance which sing honest songs about life. They are capable of wallowing in the sweet meloncholy of life while never giving up. They sing about the hope that things will always get better. A lot of people who listen to metal and hard rock music really need to hear that but most metal bands aren't sending that message. They preach that yes, life sucks a lot. Yes, things in life will always go wrong. But things can also get better if you dont give up. The vocals are perfect, the bass in incredible, and the drums and rhythmic. They flow together in perfect harmony.
1.) Animal I Have Become (From the album, One X)

They sing about how they feel like they aren't even human anymore and they need someones help to pull them out of the darkness. INCREDIBLE BASS.

2.) Break (From the album, Life Starts Now)

When you feel like your life could be much better, rise above the average-ness of the people around you and make it so-- be better.

3.) Pain (From the album, One X)

This was written when the band was becoming popular. As most people know, popular rock bands often turn to drugs when things get rough because it's there but this is their declaration that they would rather suffer the missery than feel nothing at all.

4.) Lost In You (From the album, Life Starts Now)

A Beautiful balad for their love.

5.) Never Too Late (From the album, One X)

A song about how they feel like giving up on life, but it's never too late to fix it and make it better.
by HappiToBe January 05, 2010
Top Definition
One of the best bands out there! Saw them in concert, it ROCKED!
Three Days Grace rocked with Trapt and Smile Empty Soul.
by PretentiousLies August 29, 2003
An amazing band with great lyrics! Three Days Grace is one of the best bands out there. I, too, saw them play and it was amazing.
The only thing better than Three Days Grace's CD is them live!
by XxSolitAryEch0xX August 31, 2003
Brilliant band from Canada with a fanbloodytastic debut song.
Listen to them. Now.

Also known as 3DG.
"Three Days Grace rock my socks."
by IceIceIceHockey March 24, 2004
An alternative rock band from Canada. Originally consisting of three members: Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson, and Brad Walst. They are the three guys that play on the self-titled debut album. Barry Stock was added a little later on, to play guitar with Adam.

Three Days Grace has put out two full-length albums. The self-titled debut in 2003 and One-x in 2006.

Singles from the debut are:
"Just Like You"
"I Hate Everything About You"

So far the only single from One-x is "Animal I've Become"
Three Days Grace owns my soul.

I waited three years for One-x and was not disappointed.
by lifeordeath July 25, 2006
best effin band in the whole entire universe!!!be glad that this isnt one of those stupid poser bands coz this puts the word rock back in rock music!!!
ps if u h8 3 days grace then maybe thats coz ur a poser lol
p1:hey im gonna go c 3dg down in philly!
p2:well there the best band eva so i wanna come!
p3:its 200 bucks to get in!
p4:i dont give a shit id pay 1000 to c them!!!
by taylorp*** May 02, 2005
the best band that ever existed!!!!!!! (besides all the classics) freakin awsome music! deep, meaningful lyrics, and stupid emo wanna-be's arent the only ones who listen to em!!!! THREE DAYS GRACE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
three days grace rocks!
by neverXtooXlateXtoXstartXaXriot February 24, 2009
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