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The best band alive!!!!!!!!!
by Bertha November 02, 2003
To go off-topic.
"Elephants are the only animals that can't jump... but I digress. Back to Physics..."
by Bertha September 21, 2003
real comfortable , almost asleep , tired, stoned
Don't bother me right now I'm chilaxing.
by BERTHA August 29, 2014
Adze, Pick-Ax
Ya need a matic to git thru that hard dirt.
by Bertha July 18, 2003
to shop at anthropologie, the most amazing store on the face of the earth.
a: want to go to the mall and anthropologize? i could use some new latte bowls.
s: of course. everyone needs a few quality latte bowls.
by bertha June 26, 2005

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