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Is a person who is considered to be thot + rat. Therefore becoming a thrat.
Just look at Madeline being so hollywood, she's a thrat.
#thot #rat #name #person #name calling
by kp_esm September 20, 2015
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A word created by the ESM Nation (also known as Ayexmadeline supporters) meaning Thot+rat.
Oh my god that girl is such a Thrat.
#thot #rat #hoe #ugly #person
by BruhitsMaria September 18, 2015
thot rat
"That girl is a Thrat"
by bigdick21 October 25, 2015
a person who is a thot and a hoodrat
"hey did you hear what Kelly did with Chris?"
"yeah they're both just a couple of lil thrats."
by thratnation October 18, 2015
a Thrat is a used tampon used to give a female an orgasm, you must insert the bloodly tampon and slowly move it in, and out, the end result is a bloody orgasm.
Damn, Tre gave that bitch a gnarly Thrat.
#thrat #thrating #thrated #t-job #p-nis
by TreLord March 02, 2007
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