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The act of inserting a fork (or other metal object) into a live outlet at the moment of sexual climax, thus electrocuting yourself and your sexual partner as you cum.
After listening to that megaslut talk about her guido friends all night, I decided the only appropriate way to end our hate fuck was an anal thorgasm.
by Time4Pizza April 22, 2011
An orgasm cause by seeing a vision of Thor in all his extreme sexiness.
Watching the Avengers and seeing Chris Hemsworth play Thor gave me such a thorgasm - he's so hot!
by Jujunwa June 27, 2012
1) an orgasm that causes you to bellow and shake violently as you release, or 2) an orgasm that, when directed at a member of the opposite sex, actually causes them to leave the ground with its overpowering force
Man, Sally was a real animal last night. A car alarm went off after I thorgasmed.


Well, I think it's plain to see what happened here. She clearly died as a result of thorgasm-related trauma.
by B-Zok December 06, 2006
When a girl orgasms at an extreme level, shoots lightning out of her hands, and grows a beard.
Dave: Have you seen Marie today?
Me: Yeah bro, I made her Thorgasm yesterday
by Kane Thorverton June 19, 2013
When you are watching any film with Thor in and you have a mini fit over how hot he is.
Thor fan 1: OMG! Thor is so hot!
Thor fan 2: I know! I think I'm having a Thorgasm!
by Rainbowsaurus September 12, 2014
Extremely Delicious Mulled Apple Cider, that causes one to react overwhelmingly happy after consuming even the slightest amount.
Mother made some Thorgasm On Halloween this year, and all of my friends could not believe how amazing it was
by Feenmaster November 06, 2010
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