Top Definition
a person exceeding the standard slut level
Oh my god, did you see what that megaslut was wearing?
by Dylan Montgomery October 16, 2007
one who has no control over their actions and therefore sleeps with everyone.
"brandi looks like such a mega slut today, she might as well not even wear a skirt and i heard she 'hung out' in mike's car during lunch. she totally fucked him."
by phillipeallegra October 11, 2007
Megaslut= Simone. Incredibly big whore who flirts with everybodys boyfreinds, or just random guys. Usally megasluts are named Simone.

"Dude look at that megaslut, she is totally flirting with Britney's boyfriend."
"Yeah what the fuck, she needs to get a life, i bet her name is Simone."
by Britneyomg October 30, 2007
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