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Masturbating while thinking of what to do for the day.
Charlie: Whataya wanna do today?

Me: I dunno. Lets thinksturbate on it.

Charlie: Get the Jergens
by BrownBearLHHS September 06, 2011
The claimed ability of some women to achieve orgasm through THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

According to these femme fatales, they simply think sexy- no touching, no rubbing of thighs together, and certainly no discreet dildo- and eventually release comes in the form of an orgasm.

MRI tests of thoughtsturbatrixes have had inconclusive results at best.
Carmen Craven thinksturbated twice in the span of an hour, so that she could keep still for her MRI.
by Thinkin' Harder March 10, 2008

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