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Thigh Cheese

The end result of what's in your meal when you mess with drive through employees of the female variety. Thigh Cheese is the combination of inner thigh sweat and raked skin from just below the Eden zone. Right where the sweat starts to make it's way into the crack for a beautiful sweat stain (most commonly seen at gyms). Men do not exhibit thigh cheese for they lack the pheromones that produces the juice of the under-garden. It is odorless and leaves that poisonous weird taste at the back of your tongue when you are finished eating. It cannot be removed by simply spitting. No worries though, it is non-lethal.
You constantly repeat and change an order while at Taco Bell. You get said order from an obviously annoyed but smiling female employee who happily hands it over. You have just received a nice quantity of thigh cheese. Enjoy it, it's untraceable.
by Crumbles March 08, 2011
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