The BEST band ever.
If I could be even one tenth as kickass as TMBG, I might die. Of excitement.
by lyssth July 02, 2003
Top Definition
An ingenious and intensely awesome band with an incomprehensibly novel style consisting of varying musical styles, exuberantly quirky lyrics with inticate wordplay, and overwhelming aesthetic value.
"Well, I don't know--though Flood remains one of They Might Be Giants' most popular albums, I prefer the sheer ebullient eccentricity of Apollo 18."
by Yotta Bee Mervenacci December 25, 2003
Two-man rock group formed in ther early Eighties by John Linnel and John Flansburgh. The group created a style of music unlike anything the current no-wave and post-punk New York music scene had ever seen, and thier sytle continutes to inspire aspiring musicians today.
They Might Be Giants, Flood, Lincoln, Then, NO!, Mink Car, Apollo 18

by Reggie! October 16, 2003
The best band known to man! They've great ones like "Particle Man", "Fingertips", "Turn Around", and many others, including the recently-released "Experimental Film". TMBG is a great band chock full of greatness and originality.
They Might Be Giants is God compared to all other bands! And it's definatley God to the Devil, otherwise known an NSYNC.
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 19, 2004
A band, the likes of which have never been seen, that continues to rock you through the night and sends you into a coma that lasts until sometime next week.
Ana Ng, Spider, Minimum Wage, NO!, etc.
by John October 03, 2003
A kick-ass band that has unbelievably clever lyrics and it makes you think. Nearly every song has a subliminal meaning behind its strange awesomosity.
John and John 4eva! I'm your only friend but i'm not your only friend but i'm a little glowing friend but really i'm not actually your friend but i am.......
by Bradley Adrian March 21, 2005
One of the coolest bands known to man!
They might be giants is one of the coolest bands known to man!!!
by DoorMatt June 13, 2003
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