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an adjective, describing a type of humor. People who are sarcastic usually annoy the hell out of everyone who cant get their jokes. They also piss people off by going too far and accidentaly offending them.
SarcasticIronic: Oh SURE, because we all know how UNIQUE and SINGULAR you are!

Thuthpenthe: STFU, why do you always have to be so sarcastic?

SarcasticIronic: I love you :(
by lyssth July 02, 2003
The BEST band ever.
If I could be even one tenth as kickass as TMBG, I might die. Of excitement.
by lyssth July 02, 2003
A weapon used in the sport fencing.
It involves slashes, and target area is anywhere above the waist.

The most fun and fastest weapon to fence with!
I picked up a sabre and got ready to fence.
by lyssth December 26, 2003
1. child molester
2. some pokemon with penii on his head
3. Someone who is trying to molest you
4. a Pimp
1. Run from Childster!
3. Yo, dont be such a Childster.
4. Gotta see the childster about my bitches.
by lyssth June 28, 2003
Corvus frugilegus.
A bird in the same family as the crow.
Partial to shiny objects.
check out that rook! He's flying. Cause he's a bird.
by lyssth September 20, 2003
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