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A phrase to express disgust over something you see.
Originated from a Simpsons episode and turned into a fad on (particularly LUE).
"Look! It's a picture of my new girlfriend."
"My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!"
by TG February 02, 2005
A "saying" that originates from sub-human animals (see also hipsters) who claim to like The Simpsons but can't be bothered to actually quote anything accurately. The CORRECT line is "My eyes! The googles do nothing!"
Douche: "The goggles! They do nothing!"

Guy: "Man, what a pretentious douche... if you're going to try to sound clever by spouting pop culture references, you should at least get them right."

Attractive Girl: "You're so right, I'll have sex with YOU now instead of that loser."
by Bitch-monkey September 08, 2009
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