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Like 'The Creeps', The Willies is a feeling that one gets when he/she gets especially nervous. The Willies is not caused by actual fear, but the thought that something scary could happen in the near future. Too, unsettling actions/individuals can bring about The Willies.
Rick: See that guy over there in the gray fedora? He's starting to give me The Willies.

Gene: Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Throughout the show, a few other friends came up to me to express how creepy he is.
by Diggity Monkeez March 22, 2005
When You get a feeling in your crotch when you have the feer of nights.
Holy shit, that drop is giving me the willies.
by meepmeep22 May 06, 2015
to move ones hand in an upward downward fashion.
to move the hand like a dolphin jumping in and out of water
In a car when you stick your hand out the window and moving your hand up or down makes your whole arm move like a wave, thats the willy, just not in a car.
Woah, that cool kid just did the willy!
Can you do the willy?
by Willy Walkenhorst June 19, 2006

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