Preppy and proud:the used are shit in a can...

well i say: fuck u and i would like to see u die in a can choking on an animal's head...the used are fucking awesome my sick lonely friend,so i'll dig a hole for u and u can die in it
the used are a band that rule the world of music...twice
by marco jof August 26, 2006
A band that sucks so bad its of an unknown genre.
dumbass: I think the Used is the best band ever but i dont know why!!!
by hardtoexplain May 28, 2006
Another band that will be forgotten in a couple years. They are "used" by the music industry when they are marketed toward 12-20 year old girls and boys who happen to enjoy the emo/fabri-punk genre to begin with. They are adored by screaming fans in that age demographic, which means the music executives are doing their job well.
Hey man, are you listening to The Used?

Nah, I'm listening to Mozart's 40th Symphony.
by P.A. April 28, 2005
Another generic "emo" band created for the sole purpose of bilking millions out of misguided, brain-washed teens who like what they are told to like because they're a bunch of sheep who can't think for themselves.
Brain-washed Teen A: The Used rocks!
Brain-washed Teen B: Yeah! They're a killer band that pretty much just emulates every other commercialized, mass-produced "emo" band and they totally empathize with my "terrible" life of comfort. My parents totally don't understand me, the hot, popular guy at school doesn't even look at me, and even though I'm bulemic and 40 pounds underweight, the popular girls don't like me -- but The Used makes it all better!
by Anonymous Thought-Provoker November 26, 2005
The Used are a very commercial poppy punk band that have an extremely generic sound to them.
The Used has nothing original about them so, therefore, I don't waste my time listening to them.
by Kris C. January 15, 2005
The Used is my FAV band. I would kill to see them. thats say enough.
My anti-drug.
by Nikki February 26, 2004
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