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When fucking a chick from behind, either through sexual curiosity, anger or just boredom you stick a finger into her anus. The Smithy is not limited to a single digit over time the goal is to work up to a Full Smithy (whole fist!).

The effects of The Smithy vary so be careful when using it.
Dude that bitch was so boring I did The Smithy to liven up the sex.

Mate smell my finger......... I totally Smithy'd your sister last night.
by Rawson Rhymes October 27, 2011
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1. To do something you're not supposed to do
2. Is illegal
3. A weak U-Turn
4. Eeeeeeeeeeyeah!
OMG you did THE SMITHY through that double yellow line!
by H8erlines August 03, 2010
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