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A sexual position involving 1 female and at least 2 males. One male "gets" the female from behind, while the other receives oral from the same female. Spin the female around in a continuous circle while any additional males baste the female with their ejaculate.
"We're going to run The Rotisserie on that slut."
by Mikeduncan January 08, 2009
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When two males have sex with one female in the "doggy style" position. One tanking her from behind and the other getting a knob job in the front.
Mike: "Dude, we gotta slap her on the rotisserie."

John: "Word."
by mark amos October 04, 2006
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The shape formed when you have a threesome consisting of two guys and one girl. With the girl on her hands and knees with a guy at each end. Similar to the "Wobbly H" but the girls gets spun in a clockwise fashion. At the end she tastes like chicken.
Let's put that girl in "The Rotisserie"...
by Classy Drunk Kids January 21, 2010
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