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Irish slang for the I.R.A.
To achieve peace in Northern Ireland, the Ra had to decommission their arms.
by Phil T. and Jim Rim June 26, 2009
An exotic and beatiful woman, that can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Loyall, faithful, and loving. One of the coolest chicks you will ever meet.
Thera is the most loyall chick I've dated.

I wouldn't want Thera as my enemy.
by leelee-ann February 03, 2010
Kick ass chick that inhabits "history never repeats" group on myspace.
Thera rocks out loud!
by autviam June 11, 2008
The black plague. Sure death. Painful. Lingering. Death. Fornicator of the elderly.
Thera took out many people. Ring around the rosies was written about it.
by all the user names are taken September 06, 2008
1. A sexually transmitted disease contracted through anal penetration. Results in odorous pus-filled sores that ooze all over the genitals and anus; much like hemorrhoids. No cure is known.
2. A resting place for one's balls.
3. A pox on society.
1. Oh, shit, man, I knew I should have wrapped my junk; that bitch gave me Thera!
And that shit's permanent!

2. Hey, man, if your balls hurt that bad, just put 'em on thera.

3. Thera will ruin the world, just you watch.
by all the user names are taken September 06, 2008
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