When a man has sexual intercourse with a woman, he requests or physically suggests that she assume a kneeling position before him pre-climax. He then ejaculates upon her face, aiming for the nose, cheek, and forehead, and retrieves an American styled "confetti popper" from a garment pocket or nearby cabinet/nightstand. He then recites a line from the movie "The Patriot" and yanks the cord, initiating a facial spangling of red, white, and blue confetti.
When he gave Angela "The Patriot" this time, he said, "Aim small, miss small!"
by Peter Tolosa September 05, 2012
Top Definition
The 12(or 20, i forget) people who actually run our country. Mention in MGS series. They control all our information using "GW", an internal information system, inside the big shell, or supposed offshore cleaning facility for a tanker crash. The Patriots were once "The Philosophers" in the Cold War, but then branched into the patriots. They control our presidents and wars.
No, its all information screened out by the Patriots.
by seismographitti 00 January 08, 2005
(N.)Accidental death by autoerotic asphyxiation. Usually the cause of a person or persons taking their perverse self-love to dangerous, sometimes fatal levels.

see also: SuperBowl XLII; Tom Brady; Bill Bellichick
Little Billy accidentally pulled The Patriot the other day when he was beating off with a belt around his neck while staring at himself in the mirror.
by UNSTOPPABLE1 February 08, 2008
The Patriot is a combination of Blue Waffle, Menstrual Blood, and Felching. First of all, make sure you find a girl who's on her period. Once you found said girl you give her a blue waffle by repeatedly beating her vagina with any object (your erect penis, screwdriver, a bat, etc.) until her vagina results in a blue-ish hue. After that is complete, you fuck her newly blued vagina and cum inside her. Then you proceed by felching your own semen (mixed with Menstrual Blood) from the vagina. Making you a true, American Patriot.
Charles: Man, I picked up this broad from the bar last night, said she was on her period, so i took her home and...
Ryan: Oh brotha, you better tell me what I think you are.
Charles: YES! you know it, I'm The Patriot! I felched the fuck outta that Blue Waffled, period bitch
by Urbanite2-4 February 03, 2011
You are fucking a girl and u pull out and cum on their face punch them in the nose and eye. They have a blue eye and a bloody nose with white cum on them. Then u salute her.
I did this last week and her face resembled a flag so i saluted her. I had to come up with a name and the patriot cam to mind quite fun to do so try this some time
by Siemens April 21, 2010
Having violent sex with a lady on her period and getting blood all over the place, like when William Wallace from Braveheart started killing made heads and blood was going all over the place.
That chick was on the rag so I gave her the patriot.
by crank dinger December 15, 2008
Whilst reciving a blowjob, the woman (or man) giving the head must be holding a pair of sparklers. Preferably out to the side as to keep sparks from burning the reciver. Note: only relevant on the 4th of july.
Man she burned my leg while giving me the patriot the other day..stupid short arms.
by Sev711 July 05, 2011
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