a bong with 4 rods and 4 drop pipes many quite large in size. made for relaxing and chilling with three mates
tom: yo dog you wan come smoke with the octopus

henry: yeah man ill bring to more people
by wasteman1066 February 11, 2009
Top Definition
An aberrant form of handjob in which the female lightly strokes the top of man's penis with all five fingers in a motion resembling a swimming squid or octopus; reflects a lack of sexual experience and common sense
"Dude, did you hook up with that theater chick at the party?"
"Yeah, but when she started giving me the octopus I boned out"
by DJ SilkyNick November 11, 2009
The octopus.

When fucking a girl you insert your whole penis, your balls, and scrotum into her vagina. Variation is the Pacific octopus which is the same thing but in the ass.
I GAVE My wife the octopus last night...
by Benburgh November 02, 2015
When you are giving a blowjob and you suddenly feel five fingers and a palm grasp the top of your head and push down with the force of an adult octopus.
OMG my neck hurts sooo bad today!
He hit me with the octopus last night -_-
by GeoNips April 09, 2014
A popular method of moving your limbs to fan out the noxious gases that you have just released - Having just emitted an awful aroma from your rectal passage you should then walk with bow legs and wave your arms around at your sides and slightly to the rear to assist with the wafting of said aroma. Thus imitating the gait of an octopus.
Q - Why are all those people covering their noses and looking disgusted?

A - Johns just let one rip and he's giving it The Octopus
by J-Biiiz March 14, 2011
n., The Octopus is one of many sexual positions, similar in form to both the butterfly and "squashing the deckchair". The receiver lays on her back, with waist at the edge of a bed (ass hanging off). The giver stands next to the bed, with the receiver's legs on his shoulders. While penetrating, the giver may--at his discretion--lean forward to create extra tension. Increased tension causes increased tightness, resulting in a tight deep-dicking.
I got this girl in The Octopus last night.

You ready to feel The Octopus?
by Double D, The Deep Dicker December 30, 2008
a woman who's fanny resembals an octopus and engulfs all around her,its tentacels or overly large fanny lips can be said to even undo jars and drag ships and seaman into her salty gusset.
Hey alan i hear you went down on the octopus and survived her salty gusset,yeah but her tentacels stole my hair and i came up smelling of seaman.
by spunk chops December 13, 2009
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