the moon is conceptual music ... there is no useful definition to describe where it comes from.
check it out a new definition of musical performance and see the web album at
there's a man in the moon ... he has something to say
by ben April 07, 2005
Top Definition
the only thing that can kill mockingbirds.
The only way to kill a mockingbird, IS TO HIT IT WITH THE MOON!
by seismographitti 00 January 15, 2005
A girl who is attractive, and loved by someone that she will never go out with. She's so far out his reach, that she's basically the moon.
Guy 1: I heard Mike is in love with Karin
Guy 2: That won't work out, she won't ever go out with him
Guy 1: Yeah, he's trying to grab the moon.
by MartyMcF1y October 30, 2011
When you smoke a lot and your really high, you land on the moon.
Damn nigga I'm so high I'm on the moon.
by Someone on the moon June 09, 2008
The somewhat small lunar body that will crash onto Termina, unless it is stopped in three days by Link, the Hero of Time. It is being brought down by Skull Kid, using the power of Majora's Mask. Also has a really constipated face.
I really hope the moon doesn't fall and kill us all in three days.
by Majora's Mask September 26, 2014
A pseudo gang started in Richlands NC. Consists of 10+ members. Rivals of The Suns.
'Isn't that *Name omitted*?"
"Yeah, hes in The Moons."
by The sinful Dr. May 03, 2009
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