a school library run by a librarian commonly known as Miss V, Villilardo or Villilardo guttardo retardo. she is in charge of the library that sadly has no books, apart from toad rage - the autobiography of a toad mum and an amazingly cool poem book. popular library activities include the jumping game, eating peoples rubbers and complaining at the obvious lack of books. there is an amazing set of library rules and it is up to the older occupants of the library to set an example to the year sevens (a bad example).
Danielle: there are no books in the library! miss v why don't you buy some books??

Emma: emily stop eating my rubber!
by your face is a sock September 09, 2010
Top Definition
When you go on the internet (typically YouTube) to troll scene kids by having an opinion by saying things like "scene kids r gay" or "Asking Alexandria fucking sucks" then waiting for a reply that will probably be the length of a short novel, telling you how scene kids are original and you don't know what kind of problems they go through and so forth. The library technique could be used for any group that gets easily butt hurt not just scene kids, but their the easiest to get books from.
Alex:Hey did you see my comment on why I hate scene kids?
David: Hell yeah dude that girl Adriana Abomination left you a book! You were in the library lol.
by TheJudgeTheJury June 07, 2013
When you're doing a girl from behind and you pull it out and stick it in her ass. When she starts to make noise or say it hurts, you lean over and cup her mouth while whispering "Shhhhh" in her ear.
When you've lost all interest in fucking a girl..it's time to go to The Library.
by Hawkeye Fans October 03, 2006
When you're doing a girl doggy-style and pull it out and stick it in her ass. As soon as she makes noise like it hurts, you lean forward and cup her mouth while whispering "Shhhhhh" in her ear.
Karl was bored with banging Christine doggy-style so he decided to give her The Library. That should quiet the bitch.
by The_Chad October 03, 2006
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