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What some people call using the shower; usually a quick one.
{Ella}: Cummon honey, it's almost time to go to work.
{Norm}: Just a few minutes Ella, I need to go through the grinder first.
by Telephony October 13, 2014
The act of a woman grinding her teeth on the top of your penis during oral sex. The pain is excrutiating and sometimes results in bleeding. The reaction of the pain may result in involuntary donkey punching
Sally:I just gave my boyfriend The Grinder...

Bill:Oh how did that go?

Sally:He broke up with me and gave me a bloody nose.
by Ebonics Lad May 25, 2010
To "accidentally " put your penis into a meat grinder.
Yeah i was watching porn and then "accidentally " put my penis inside a meat grinder and turned the handle. Whoops. The Grinder
by Chopper-san February 16, 2015

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