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A place in or near a town or city for teens and tweens to drive their cars, cruise for chicks or guys and to generally see and be seen on weekends.
When I was a kid in the 50's the chicks at the circuit went for guys in the fastest hotrods. In the 60's and 70's it was rods with the coolest paint jobs. Then in the 80's and 90's it was loudest stereos. Now its all about giant rims, crazy lighting schemes, bone-jarring hydaulics and rice burners. Things just ain't the same since Fonzi died.
by Tenacious Faulker May 25, 2009
dumpsters, police line ups, snuff film auditions, you know, the circuit
I've seen him around the circuit
by MarcLopez September 13, 2005
When a certain saying or picture is being posted or reused by multiple accounts on twitter which are typically followed by a large number of people.
Jeff: "Hey man, did you see that hilarious tweet David posted last night? Clownin."
Barry: "Uhh yeah dude, that shits been on The Circuit all week now. Everyone's posting the exact same thing acting like its theirs. They thirsty for some RT's."
by NotReece May 15, 2013
A recurring group of 20-something singles, brought together by the consumption of alcohol and the potential for sexual promiscuity or "picking up"; congregating in liquor licensed establishments on differing week nights—in a set rotation—predetermined by drink specials or popularity.

Typically occurring in small to medium size cities where a limited variety of bars or clubs exist, the ‘circuit’, refers to its analogous relationship held to that of sports, where athletes or teams abide by a schedule determining attendance at an event.

Friends of those on the circuit who are “lame, whipped, or gay” usually attend one to zero of the weekly rotation’s scheduled stops. When attending, they leave early for ‘gay’ responsibilities such as, employment requirements in the morning. Circuiters are concerned with hooking up, before any thought of sleep and subsequent AM responsibilities are entertained. Circuit stops cannot be substituted unlike activities on weekend nights.

•What are you doing tonight?: Hittin' the 'circuit'...Wednesday night is Emma's Pub night, obviously”.
•Wanna see a movie tonight?: No — sorry, it’s Joe Dog's on the circuit tonight”.

by PB1234 September 17, 2008
to belong to a group of pompous assholes, who spend most of their time a. talking about some one else b. pretending to be your friend or c.(my favorite) talking about college.

if you come in contact with a group that fits the above quickly run in the oppisite direction as soon as possible, any contact will result in immediate assholery, and or discussion of your sexlife.
We all went to the kegger, and The Circuit was there talking about what else? college
by Umberto lara April 18, 2007
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